The Five Best Omaha Neighborhoods to Downsize

Omaha Downsize Neighborhoods

Omaha offers many neighborhoods for those looking to downsize or ‘right-size’ their home. They simply need to know where to look.

But, Whoa Nelly! A google search for 55+ communities in Omaha will quickly put you in a nursing home.

Empty nesters considering a move from the oversized family home are also challenging the traditional idea of downsizing.

Rightsizing may be a better term, because the priority is less about eliminating square feet and more on finding a better floor plan with minimal maintenance, closer to friends, the golf course, or their favorite restaurant and the property taxes and utilities are lower.

While it can be exciting to consider all the options, Omaha doesn’t make finding these empty nest neighborhoods easy.

What are the Different Types of Neighborhoods in Omaha to Downsize?

The most common feature in a new home for those looking to downsize is a one level ranch style home. But the options grow from there so it might be helpful to define your options.

A good place to start is explaining the difference between a villa, townhome, condo, and rowhouse.

A villa generally refers to a typical single family home that is unique only in its participation in an active homeowners association (HOA) with fees to maintain certain aspects of a neighborhood, common grounds, and building.

A townhome is similar to a villa in it’s participation in a HOA community but usually shares a common “party wall” with another property.

A townhome can be a duplex, triplex or a series of properties sandwiched together often called a rowhouse.

Villas, townhomes, and rowhouses can come in a variety of floor plans, number of levels, and price ranges.  They can be separated from other homes in a large, gated community or a small collection of homes in a quiet corner of your garden variety neighborhood.

A condo is unique from the above in that it is similar to an apartment complex where separately owned units share a common entrance and building costs.

Other terms you may hear are a flat, which is a glorified apartment, and a slab home which is any home style built without a basement- sometimes referred to as a patio home.

Click here to view a big list of Villa/Townhomes/Condos/Rowhouses for sale in Omaha.

Is New Construction Better? Is New Construction Better

Many assume new construction is better. I mean, the appliances and mechanicals, roof, and exterior are new so it has to be better, right?

There are many benefits to both new and resale options.

New homes almost always cost more than an existing home. The average sale price of a 2023 new construction home in Douglas and Sarpy county was nearly a half a million dollars compared to about $330,000 for a resale.

And the new construction expenses don’t stop there: window furnishings, throw pillows to match the new paint, and of course the new patio furniture.

A savvy buyer might get the best of both worlds by buying a gently used home with the same popular, open floor plan and plenty of life left in the mechanicals.

Click here for a list of new construction villas and townhomes for sale or here for standard ranch style new construction outside of an HOA.

When is the Best Time to Downsize?

The growing appeal of downsizing homes to save money and get rid of unused space is an option many are exploring before and after retirement.

In 2023, the average age of a home buyer was 58! Can you believe that?

Besides the financial and mental freedom, many empty nesters choose to downsize for the following reasons:

1. Your neighborhood has changed and you want to be closer to family, friends, golf or fun.
2. You like the front lawn but love the idea of someone else mowing it.
3. You’re not using half the house.
4. Houses don’t age like fine wine.
6. Depending on your finances, buying a newer home before retirement may make it easier to qualify for a mortgage while saving expenses in the long run.
7. Many empty nesters are looking for lock-and-leave, secure neighborhoods to travel and enjoy winters in the sun.

Whatever your reason and whenever you’re ready, finding a home that fits your new lifestyle can be ideal.

Omaha’s Five Most Popular Neighborhoods to Downsize.

1. Latvian Tower Condominium

The Latvian Tower condominium complex may not be a neighborhood, but it is a community. This under the radar condominium building is typical for the handful of West Omaha condos. It features 20 unique, two or more bedrooms, reasonably sized units, ranging in price between $175,000 and $300,000. Located in the District 66 school district, the Latvian Towner is one of Omaha’s best kept secrets, you can ask my mother in law who purchased a garden level unit in 2023. The HOA fees cover most utilities, a heated garage, 24/7 security, and basic lock and leave services. Bonus: Floors 5 through 7 offer  penthouse suites that could be the best deals in all Omaha. Similar condominium complexes include Whitehall, Swanson Tower, Boardwalk, Coronado, Midtown Crossing, Belle Meade

Condos For Sale: West Omaha Condos | Downtown Condos  

2. Villages On Sprague – Affordable Townhome/Rowhouses

Cheap and New! It is possible to find something less expensive AND new but it might not look like you what you had in mind. The townhome/rowhouses in the Villages at Sprague are a unique solution around $200,000 for homebuyers on a budget wanting maintenance free living. The draw back is lots of stairs. Similar new rowhouse options include Falcone Ridge or Stone Creek Village. If you prefer a more traditional floor plan with less steps and don’t mind something a little older you should consider the neighborhoods of Piedmont or Spanish Village. In various small pockets, priced in the mid 200’s you can also find neighborhoods like Montclair West, Oak Hills, Willow Wood, or Monterey Village.

Newer Rowhouse Homes for Sale

Traditional Rowhouse Homes for Sale (with less steps)

Traditional Townhomes for sale

3. Anchor Pointe – New Construction

For those that want to keep some space between your neighbors AND don’t want to sell a kidney to afford it, neighborhoods like Anchor Pointe might be the solution. Selling in the low to mid 300’s these stand alone single level villas are about as economical a choice as you’ll find for newer villa homes. The floor plans are simple and convenient. Don’t expect high end finishes but neither will you have to worry about weekend trips to Menards. Similar neighborhoods are Granite Lake, Laview 168, and Piney Creek or neighborhoods only a few years young like Cattail Creek or Village Pointe Estates.

New (and nearly new) Construction Villa and Townhomes For Sale

4. The Enclave – ‘Gated’ Villa Communities

The Enclave is a highly sought after gated community of townhomes conveniently located northeast of 132nd and Dodge St. Built in the late 80’s, the average sale price is around $300,000 for about 1800 sq ft. These townhomes are bigger and have a more traditional floor plan than the newer builds, but might need some cosmetic updates. The HOA covers lawn maintenance, snow removal and trash. Similar neighborhoods often have a mix of stand alone villas and townhomes and are sometimes not in an HOA. Walnut Lake, Bloomfield, or St. Andrew’s Point are examples of similar neighborhoods. Because of such low turnover I suggest creating a custom search that includes a large list of your preferred neighborhoods to get an alert the instant one of these homes come up for sale.

Gated Community Homes For Sale

5. The Avidor

If you’re ready to give up property taxes and a mortgage for good but the thought of a traditional apartment complex is hard to swallow, you should check out the Avidor. Described as an “Active 55+ Adult Community” this complex is different from a standard apartment not only in the age restriction but in the resort style amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, theaters, game rooms and outdoor space. For those with a second home The Avidor provides the lock and leave sense of security a part time Omaha resident may need.

Similar Options you can review on their websites are the following: RegencyTradition by Broadmor | One Pacific Place Residence | The Lumberyard DistrictThe Arboretum | Bloomfield Forum

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of downsizing to a rightsized home in a neighborhood with appropriate amenities and is being considered by many homeowners before and after retirement. As with any new chapter the journey of selling your family home and transitioning to a new lifestyle is exciting, but a lot of work. With the right tools, resources, and advice I’d love the opportunity to make your next move an easy one.


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