Off Market Home Sales +  Pre Sale Properties


Ever wonder how some homes sell before they hit the market?

Off-market home sales are properties not publicly advertised for sale or on popular websites. They are sold privately, before the general public is aware of their availability. 

Off-market home sales offer many benefits to buyers:

  • Expanded pool of homes for sale  
  • Limited competition
  • Exclusive access
  • Flexible purchase terms 

Why would a homeowner sell their home off-market? 

  • Less sale prep
  • Extended sale dates 
  • Limited, hassle-free showings
  • Improved buyer quality
  • Flexible contract terms 

The recent real estate market is keeping many homeowners on the fence about making a move. Some don't want to give up their low mortgage rate. Others would move but only if the perfect home came along.

Our VIP + Off Market Home Sale program puts you in the drivers seat. Only move if the timing is absolutely perfect. And yet, be the first to know about private, off-market, and pre-sale homes so you don't miss out in that once in a lifetime chance. 

Although this is a FREE program for SELLERS and BUYERS,  VIP members must meet certain criteria.