Omaha Neighborhood Guide

There are 14 unique communities and numerous neighborhoods in the greater Omaha Metro, each with unique real estate and entertainment options for you to explore. 

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Omaha neighborhood map

Omaha Communities

There are 14 unique communities and numerous neighborhoods in the greater Omaha Metro.

The communities of Ralston, Papio-La Vista, Bellevue, Gretna, and Bennington have remained, so far, suburban cities to Omaha, while Westside, Millard, and Elkhorn have been annexed in Omaha's continious westward expansion.

An easy way to define these communiites is by their school district boundaries that have remained independant of Omaha while many of the local Omaha Public School High schools boundaries can help distinquish the remaining internal communities of Omaha such as Downtown, Midtown, South Omaha, North Omaha, Northwest Omaha, and West Omaha

West Omaha neighborhood

West Omaha

Aka ‘West O’, is full of suburban rooftops, treetops, neighborhood parks and shopping centers. If Midtown Omaha is where you go for trendy nightlife, West Omaha is where you lay your head. 

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  • Avg. Sale Price: $371,813
  • # of 2022 Sales: 401
  • Avg. Days on Market: 8
  • Tax Levy: 2.295
Living in Westside Omaha Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty

Westside/District 66

Westside is a unique collection of neighborhoods, retail centers, and recreational activities in central Omaha with a proudly independent public school system called District 66. 

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  • Avg. Sale Price: $371,813
  • # of 2022 Sales: 401
  • Avg. Days on Market: 8
  • Tax Levy: 2.295
Midtown (350 × 225 px)

Midtown Omaha

Midtown Omaha is rich in history, celebrity figures, and entertainment where you'll find tree lined streets filled with many of Omaha’s architecturally significant homes.

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  • Avg. Sale Price: $371,813
  • # of 2022 Sales: 401
  • Avg. Days on Market: 8
  • Tax Levy: 2.295
Living in Millard Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty


Often lumped in with West Omaha, Millard and it's independent school system offer quality, affordable homes adding a unique  flavor to the Greater Omaha suburban landscape. 

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  • Avg. Sale Price: $371,813
  • # of 2022 Sales: 401
  • Avg. Days on Market: 8
  • Tax Levy: 2.295
Living in Elkhorn Omaha Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty


Coming Soon...Annexed into Omaha in 2005, Elkhorn has kept its small town community feel despite being a hotbed of new construction and entertainment. 

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Living in Bennington Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty


Coming Soon... A suburb to Omaha, there is no hotter place to build a new home. Where the rooftops go, retail is sure to follow and this can be seen in nearly every corner of Bennington.

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Living in South Omaha Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty

South Omaha

Coming Soon... To be called an S.O.B is a badge of honor in this part of town where picturesque front porch American is on full display and community means everything.

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Downtown Omaha Living Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty

Downtown Omaha

Coming Soon...Downtown Omaha is a vibrant, youthful combination of work, nightlife, and urban living spaces to rival any Midwest metropolis.  

Avg. Sale Price: $371,813 | # sales 2023: 81 | Avg.  Days on Market: 8 | Tax levy: 2.295

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Living in Bellevue Omaha Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty


Coming Soon...Home to the US Strategic Air Command, the small town of Bellevue is proud of its military roots and quality, affordable way of life. 

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Living in North Omaha Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty

North Omaha

Coming Soon... All signs of a thriving Omaha point to the robust, rich legacy of North Omaha, full of influential people from all backgrounds. 

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Living in Northwest Omaha Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty

Northwest Omaha

Coming Soon... You'll be hard pressed to find a more economical place to live, work and play than in Northwest Omaha.

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Living in Gretna Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty


Coming Soon... If you build it they will come. Some of Omaha's most newest, luxuriest communities lie within this hotbed of new development.

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Living in Ralston Brian Carlin Nebraska Realty


Coming Soon... Despite being surround by Omaha, Ralston is a proudly independant community full of quality neighborhoods with an active lifestyle. 

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Ranch one level homes for sale in omaha

Papio- La Vista

Coming Soon... Although technically two different cities, Papillion and La Vista have a combined school district and a thriving  community full of growth and new development. 

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