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Downtown Omaha

Downtown Omaha

Downtown Omaha is a melting pot of business, entertainment, and urban living, centered around the historic Old Market. Cobblestoned streets and pergola covered walkways with boutique restaurants, art galleries, and fashionable retails finds are footsteps away from numberous office and residential condominium buildings.

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Brian Carlin: Born and raised in Omaha, Brian has sold over $100 million buying, selling, and building real estate over the past 20+ years. Don't be afraid to ask him anything. Contact me

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Where is Downtown Omaha?

Is Downtown Omaha a good place to live?

Schools and Hospitals

Things to do in Downtown Omaha

Best Places to Eat in Downtown Omaha

The Downtown Omaha Real Estate Market

Popular Downtown Omaha Neighborhoods

Homes for sale in Downtown Omaha

Where is Downtown Omaha?

Located along the western edge of the Missouri River, all roads lead to downtown. No, seriously! Omaha’s easy to understand layout is due to it’s origination at the river and increases as you travel west. Using Dodge/West Dodge Rd as the meridian to unfold the rest of Omaha you can easily get to Omaha using the residential streets or take interstate loop to i-480 .

Is Downtown Omaha a good place to live?




Things to do In Downtown Omaha

Best Places to Eat in Downtown Omaha

Downtown Omaha Real Estate Market

Popular Neighborhoods in Downtown Omaha

Neighborhoods in Downtown: Rows at Soma, Bebe Runyon, The Paxton, Brandeis

Homes for sale in Downtown Omaha

West Omaha Lifestyles

Your Guide to Omaha

Finding the perfect home doesn't have to end with numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. Get picky! Find homes with a pool, or on an acreage, golf course, or lake. The world is your oyster and I can help you find it. 

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