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The West Omaha community, aka ‘West O’, is full of suburban rooftops, treetops, neighborhood parks and shopping centers. If Midtown Omaha is where you go for cool, old homes and trendy nightlife, West Omaha is where you watch your kids play in the backyard and lay your head down at night.

What is considered West Omaha? A good description of where is West Omaha would match the Omaha Burke Public High School boundary lines.  Millard is a similar community but inappropriately lumped into West Omaha with a separate school district and distinct neighborhoods.

Reputation. A youthful description of West Omaha might be a bit boring, but most residents are too busy with after school activities to worry about a social life.  Proximity to the local grocery, outdoor strip mall, and neighborhood burger joint is a priority. 

Real Estate Market (Housing). Affordable, single-family homes on mature lots, in traditional neighborhoods are a strong majority of the overall market. For a full market report on a specific neighborhood including home values by style, size, etc. click here.

Neighborhoods in Millard: Pheasant Run, Trendwood, Harvey Oaks 

Things To Do In Millard

From golf courses, boutique shopping finds. craft cocktails, authentic cuisine, or mid day walks around the park, check out Brian’s choice of West Omaha hot spots highlighted in the sections that follow.

The best burger in West Omaha is hands down Charred Burgers in Sterling Ridge. 

In the hotly contested battle of best pizza in Omaha will always include Big Fred’s off 120th and Pacific St. 

Take a walk on the wild side with Stokes Southwest cuisine where everyone’s first course should be Sharon’s chicken enchiladas.  

Brother Sebastians (119th st south of Pacific) or Mahogany steak house offer both ends of the steakhouse experience, old school to modern chic.

The long-established Bagel Bin is cream cheese heaven and a weekday breakfast hotspot.

Do not, I repeat do NOT, step into The Green Onion lounge if you’re not a stiff drink professional.  

Let your sense of smell decide what's for dinner and head to The First National Business Plaza and let your sense of smell decide.  There is Charleston’s for upscale American, Biaggi’s for excellent Italian, or Mahogany Prime for a healthy portion of protein, and Stokes Southwestern for some burn. 

If you crave a little chocolate in your mornings Hurt’s Donuts will do the trick and then some.  

Stories coffee shop is a quickly becoming a not so quiet local java favorite.

If your four-legged friend needs some space to run, the bark park at
Hefflinger is one of the few and largest dog parks in town.

Be careful of the Saturday
morning traffic jams around the Tranquility soccer complex (120th
and Maple) or Lamp baseball and softball fields (east of 114th
between Pacific and Dodge). 

Miracle Hills golf and
tennis facilities offers the public a convenient escape while Champions Run is
a members only country club. The Westwood and Eagle Run Golf Courses are excellent
par 3 courses to teach the kids some golf etiquette.

The Jewish Community Center’s
28 acre campus located on 132nd and Dodge streets offers modern
fitness, aquatics, sports, performing arts, and youth programs, with open
membership policies.

Neighborhood parks such as
Trendwood (132nd and Center), Meadow Lane (114th south of
Dodge), Lee Valley (114th south of Blondo), and Willow Wood (132nd
and Blondo) are scattered throughout the neighborhoods to provide quick
parenting relief. 

Omaha struggles to make
space for substantial biking and walking trails but on the eastern boundary of
West Omaha you will find connections to hop on the 18 mile Papio Creek trail,
which joins the Keystone trail and can take you all the way to Bellevue.  

In order to cast a line,
catch some waves, or hit a lake side trail you’ll need to step just outside
traditional West Omaha to Standing Bear or Zorinksky Lakes. 


Pockets of small outdoor
strip malls such as Westwood Plaza (120th and Center) and the newer
Sterling Ridge development (southeast corner of 132nd and Pacific)
will provide boutique finds and local dining options.

The new Heartwood
development on the old Boystown farm land has exciting plans for residential,
recreational and retail shops.  

For home décor and
landscaping I highly suggest you try a local favorite, Mulhuall’s on 120th
and Maple where they also host unique seasonal events. Or you can always stop
into the At Home store off Center Street for your stock home goods. 

exciting new $1.2 billion residential, entertainment, and business park
including retail and recreational lake and trail system is in the works on what
was the old Boystown farm just West of 144th between Pacific and
Dodge Streets. 

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