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A Guide to Midtown Omaha

The original suburbs to downtown Omaha, the history of Omaha is on display in the store fronts and front yards in Midtown Omaha.  

Many of midtowns neighborhoods center around an entertainment district where you can walk to the coffee shop or park and spend your evenings with friends at the nearest brew pub. 

Below you'll find the following:

  • Active homes for sale in Midtown Omaha
  • What is Considered Midtown
  • Things to do and the best places to eat
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Midtown Real Estate market Stats

Midtown Omaha Homes For Sale

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Where is Midtown Omaha?

Midtown Omaha is centrally located just west of Downtown Omaha inside of the interstate 480/80 loop, east of 72 street and south of Maple/Hamilton streets

How to Navigate Midtown Omaha?

Midtown Omaha residents jokingly find little reason to travel west but if they were it would be an easy task by hoping on Dodge streets or taking interstate. Traveling diagonally in Omaha is the challenge due to our grid like infrastructure. 

Is Midtown Omaha a Good Place to Live?

Typical for the era, front porches and undersized yards encourage Midtown neighbors to stretch their legs and walk to the nearest park, coffee shop, or tavern for conversation and entertainment. These neighborhoods weren't developed like they do now, so doctors and attorneys live next to the teachers and plumbers creating vibrant, engaged neighborhoods. 

The Midtown Omaha Real Estate Market

As the saying goes, “they don’t build them like they used to.” Here you will find homes built at the turn of the 20th century through the 1950s.  Were a 2x4 actually measures two by four inches.  Home sizes, styles, values change block to block.  The attorneys and Doctors live next to the plumbers and teachers weaving the ideal social fabric for classic Americana.  Space can be at a premium and a 3 car garage is almost unheard of.  Hardwood floors are a standard feature but typically come with single pane windows.  Owners of these beauties understand a weekend is for house projects and a labor of love.It is a labor of love to own and maintain a Midtown Omaha home but a steady demand and increasing home values almost always pay off in the end.  

  • Dundee-Memorial Park-Country Club is the ultimate front porch neighborhood with tree lined streets made for the movies.  Defined by it’s proximity to a popular entertainment district, parks, and coffee shops, if walkability is a priority this should be on top of your list.  In 2011, Dundee was named one of America’s 10 best neighborhoods by the American Planning Association. . Home values can reach greateer than $400,000 but are surprisingly attainable the further away from the neighborhood center. 
  • A few doorsteps to the west is the Memorial Park neighborhood with a feast for the architectural eye while the home prices take a jump.
  • Happy Hollow: Jimmy Stewart and Bedford Falls would be jealous of this neighborhood. An architectural lovers dream.
  • Field Club-Morton Meadows-Hanscom Park: A personal favorite, this area is the bedside neighborhood to downtown Omaha.  Named for the iconic private golf club and the local park, the big homes on the boulevard rub shoulders with affordable smaller homes making this area attractive to every budget.  Complementing the diversity of the neighborhood is the wide selection of architecture, size and values.  Homes here are largely craftsman-style with plenty of influence from the American Foursquare and the classic brick bungalow.  Economical home finds are plenty but they are never shy of personality.   
  • Aksarben-Elmwood Park:  The bed and breakfast neighborhood to the University of Nebraska Omaha campust.  The homes might be a tad undersized, but style, character and location make this neighborhood hard to beat.
  • Home values are never in question in Aksarben, averaging around $175,000 offering a very available option for many homebuyers.   If you are looking for a two car garage and a large yard they are definitely at a premium here.  But if you are looking for location these neighborhoods are hard to beat. Located just south of Dodge spread east and west of 60th Street gives this area an ideal advantage in proximity to other entertainment districts.
  • Leavenworth-Blackstone-Midtown Crossing-Gold Coast: Thanks to the $365 Million investment from Mutual of Omaha, the potential of these neighborhoods are endless.  Once full of mansions of Omaha’s rich and powerful, then converted to multifamily housing and now renovated back to glory. A variety of housing options exist just footsteps from commercial developments making this mix use area the perfect blend of work and home.  
  • Fairacres & Happy Hollow: Behind the hedge rows and curbside picket fences is one of Omaha’s most storybook neighborhoods and the distinct homes of Fairacres.  A place of brick streets and picture perfect lawns lies Omaha’s true estate neighborhood.  It can cost seven figures to buy into this neighborhood, and many homeowners renovate at a comparable sum.  There is no average home price here and turnover is extremely low.  Average size, how about north of 7,000 sq ft? Fairacres: Home to some of the priciest dirt in Omaha, this truly estate neighborhood is the envy of many.  
  • Down a westerly hill from the heart of Dundee, wrapped gracefully around the eastern edge of Memorial Park is the designated historic district of Happy Hollow.   The namesake boulevard provides picturesque curbside views of turn of the Century 1920s and 30s brick two story homes.  Home values average around $415,000 but ease a bit off the boulevard.
  • Country Club: Gently north of Dundee and Happy Hollow following the original boulevard street design you will find yet another designated historic district in Country Club.  Showcasing homes in the late 19th and 20th Century Revival styles the winding streets provide for a quiet version of distinction and enjoyment.   There is nothing for this neighborhood to be envious of because this area is a nonstop pleasure for the homebuyer’s eye. Home values are surprisingly attainable average around $225,000 with even more economical prices a block or two off the boulevard.  
  • Benson: Some call it a bit trendy but trends don’t last this long.  This ever popular area has a price point perfect for first time home buyers but many choose never to leave.  Most homes in this historic area of Omaha were built in the early 1900s, lending early century charm mixed with modern updates. Benson offers both a feeling of community and energy that has grown largely due to the creatives committed to Benson’s growth.

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A strong Omaha Public School system paired with many available private schools allows home shoppers flexibility in choosing a favorite neighborhood.  

  • The public magnet school system allow students to focus on wide-ranging subject matter such as science, technology, engineering, math, performing arts, and much more.  
  • Creighton University, and the University of Nebraska-Omaha are all easily accessible making it a great location for any stage of education or life. 


Excellent medical care is available to the Midtown area with easy access to the University of Nebraska Medical Center known for it’s exceptional cancer treatment center and one of only 3 national CDC disease containment units.  

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Best Places to Eat and Drink in Midtown Omaha

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Things to do in Midtown Omaha

  • Hanscom Park, is a public park that offers an abundance of green space, a swimming pool with a children’s play area, walking paths, a tennis center, and arguaeably Omahas favorite Bark Park for yur four legged friends. 
  • -If golf is your thing, give Omaha’s Field Club- the oldest county club west of the Mississippi River a try.
  • -Young or young at heart should look to the bustling night life of Blackstone and whatever you do, DO NOT be discouraged by the long lines outside Coneflower Creamery, because dreams of delicious dairy are made here.  
  • -With its many boutique retail stores, outdoor dining, and seasonal festivals, Midtown Crossing is a strong pull for the young professional and the downsizing retiree. 
  • -For the perfect cocktail of young and old head to often mispronounced Aksarben area, Nebraska spelled backwards.  The Summer Arts Festival is hosted here as well as the largest weekly Farmer’s Market. 
  • -Known as the Old Market’s quirky cousin, the Benson area is open arms to the hip, eclectic, unique nightspots, wineries, breweries, arcade halls and dining options.
  • -Memorial Park is a 67-acre park with an historic monument to honor men and women of the armed forces who were killed or missing during service in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Here you’ll find a playground, walking paths, a ballfield, and floral gardens. Each year around the July 4 holiday, Memorial Park becomes one of the city’s largest concert venues, hosting popular musical acts like The Supremes, REO Speedwagon, and Huey Lewis & the News, with fireworks following the show. 
  • -At the heart of Dundee is an entertainment district humming with classic restaurants like the Dundee Dell and Mark’s Bistro, and newer contenders like Pitch are rising as local favorites. 
  • The Field Club of Omaha Golf & Country Club is the oldest country club west of the Mississippi River, offering a unique 18-hole private golf course, swimming pool, fitness center, and club house. 
  • Our lady of Lourdes Catholic Church founded in 1918 continues to be an anchor in the Hanscom Park neighborhood almost 100 years later. Another Hanscom neighborhood staple is the Greek Islands Restaurant opened in 1983 by two brothers who immigrated to Omaha from Greece. They have been named Best of Omaha and receive rave reviews on TripAdvisor and other review websites.  
  • A quiet neighborhood more known for its leisure strolls through the popular Elmwood Park, night life has come alive in recent years as the Aksarben Village development takes a strong hold of the area culture. 
  • With Blackstone’s great businesses like Archetype Coffee, Noli’s Pizzeria, and Mula Mexican Kitchen, and all that Midtown Crossing has to offer with its movie theater, fitness center, restaurants and retail stores, life has been put back into living in this area of Omaha.  
  • A destination spot, Benson has restaurants and nightclubs that are commonly on the list for weekend plans for anyone around Omaha. Mantra, voted Best New Omaha Restaurant in 2012, serves up gourmet American cuisine, in a casual atmosphere. For live music, The Waiting Room Lounge  and Reverb Lounge host big name acts, widely known indie artists, and local musicians. Among the numerous hot spots in Benson, Infusion Brewing Company is a favorite for craft beer lovers, and The Pizza Shoppe not only serves up their famous pizza, but it’s customary to find live music there as well. 

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